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There’s nothing like coming home to the smell of apple pie cooking in the oven, peppermint in your drinks, and the scent of pine from a fresh tree. These are constant reminders that the holidays are here, and that love, peace and joy are upon us. But let’s be real here, these reminders come with a huge price tag! So how do we enjoy these things, when your mental state is ‘buddy the elf,’ but your pocket state is ‘ballin on the dollar menu at McDonalds?’ Luckily for you, I am here with some easy and affordable tips and tricks to make your apartment a winter wonderland this holiday!

Smell is the strongest of our 5 senses! Try lighting some Holiday scented candles around the apartment to add that special touch when your friends walk in. We would all love to have cookies baking in the oven 24/7 but try boiling a pot of water with fresh cranberries and pine to make your home smell like the holidays. Walmart also sells budget friendly scented candles that smell like a fresh cut trees or a warm apple pie that is fresh from the oven.

If you have not heard of Pintrest, you are in for something special! Pintrest has hundreds of DIY projects that you can use old things stored in your closet, or dollar store wonder items. Pro tip: Popsicle sticks are always a cheap and fun way of creating festive ornaments, or making snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.  

Give these tricks a go this year to make your apartment look and smell like a winter wonderland without breaking the bank!

Happy Decorating!